What is a Delegate?

A Delegate is essentially a super-voter. They get to vote for the party nominee. Regular voters can’t vote for the party nominee.  

Becoming a Delegate at Caucus

Becoming a Delegate at Caucus

Is it really that important to become a Delegate?
Delegates control everything in their party, from the bylaws and platform to what candidate gets to run on their party’s ticket. Yes, the delegates can actually control which candidates get placed on the ballots. This is complete control of the party, and gives you the tools you need to take any political party back to it’s roots!

Consider also becoming what’s called a, “precinct committeeperson” this ensures a lasting effect. (optional)

How Do I Become a Delegate?
1. Register to vote today in a political party. The sooner the better, because there will be pre-registration deadlines to meet which are generally a month or two before the caucus. You will need to check your county or state for specific dates, because these vary.
2. Vote in your Caucus and run to be a Delegate to the state assembly.
Primaries work completely different from a Caucus.
Is my state a Primary state or a Caucus state?
Republican State Info
Democrat State Info

It all starts at your precinct, so if you can help it, study your County and State bylaws. You may decide to participate all the way through up to and including the National Party Convention! You don’t need to run for and travel to the national convention yourself, just make sure to attend state, and vote for someone who will!

Also, if one would rather support a Delegate, and not become one themself, then consider just showing up for Caucus. You may still make the difference with the one vote needed to tip the scale! Also, you can participate in the presidential straw poll. 

Elected as a Caucus Delegate

Elected as a Caucus Delegate

When it comes time to get elected as a Delegate, knowing the following is essential:
a) Find the time, date, and location of your local party precinct caucuses and county conventions.
b) Know your principles and candidates.
c) Learn parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of Order!

“The application of parliamentary law is the best method yet devised to enable 
assemblies of any size, with due regard for every member’s opinion, to arrive at 
the general will on the maximum number of questions of varying complexity in a 
minimum amount of time and under all kinds of internal climate ranging from total 
harmony to hardened or impassioned division of opinion.”

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