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We can unseat the current local establishment in one or two political cycles, and restore our republic! It’s been done before, and we can prove it can be done – but it does take persistence. Also consider becoming a precinct committeeperson if that’s an option for you at caucus. As a committeeperson, you will influence local elections and have an even far greater impact on party politics than one presidential or congressional campaign as a Delegate. Sometimes it comes down to one vote that decides who runs or doesn’t. Make sure you are the tie-breaker. You’ll meet great people, and you’ll also meet great enemies – but if you do this right, it’s actually a lot of fun!

At Caucus, you may speak of your principled candidates to get a debate going. Who cares if the popular vote goes to Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton, for example. We instead elect delegates who will support your candidate at the assemblies and conventions where it actually matters.

Keep in mind, however that….

We’ve had police direct us to free speech zones, had the GOP try and kick us out of the hotel the convention and assemblies were being held at, and all sorts of rule-breaking and shenanigans. Yes we were duly-elected at Caucus, and were 100% credentialed. Some delegates have even had altercations with overzealous party members and ended up with frayed nerves, and even broken bones in Louisiana! The only way these sorts of things happen, is because party insiders are scared. It can and does get heated when you unseat these types at the assemblies, and you must be, “prepared for battle” and arrive knowing this. If you show up in great numbers, you will win. We have won many seats and made the deciding vote on a number of candidates in local elections. Just make sure someone you or someone is brushed up on Robert’s Rules of Order, and parliamentary procedure – because the establishment may very well walk out on the assembly in an attempt at undermining a quorum vote


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